Cycling & me

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” (J.F. Kennedy)

Cycling is an amazing activity, it gets you where you want to go, it moves you away from everyday problems and it makes you fitter with every pedal stroke. I’ve been messing around on two wheels since I was a little kid. In my teens I took it a bit more seriously and regularly participated in road, track and occasionally MTB races. Some of my former mates made it to the pro peloton and I can’t even tell how exiting it is to see them fighting for the podium in races like Paris-Roubaix or Tour de France.

I hung-up the bike for a while, but since I moved to Norway, cycling has become whole lot of fun for me again. There are plenty of reasons for that. Norwegian nature is just stunning, the small curvy up-and-down roads interweaving forests around Trondheim are like they’re meant for biking. And Norwegian weather? No one cares about weather in Norway. That’s what we have clothes for, right?

I’m cycling for fun and I try to enjoy every single ride, including my morning 4-minutes downhill and afternoon 10-minutes uphill commutes. If you feel like, you can follow me on Strava and see some of my rides.


At Speculab, together with T├írik, we assembled a simplistic city bike. It’s a single-speed so you don’t need the brains for riding it, you need the legs ;-) It’s been tested in Pilsen, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Trondheim and Geirangerfjord.