Recently I was trying to learn something about random graph generators and I ended up reading about interesting properties of real graphs. I describe some of them in this post, but first, let me give a short intro on the graph generators.

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This blog post was originally written for a series of articles by ZEEF curators. In this case, it was a contribution on behalf of my ZEEF Data Science page. I’m providing 7 essential resources & tips, trying to predict which information related to data science the readers might find interesting.

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This year I participated in the European summer school in IR which took place in wonderful Thessaloníki. The whole event was perfectly organized, lecturers gave really interesting speeches and last but not least, I met a lot of people sharing the same interests with me. Event though I was taking notes, I wanted to go over some of the slides and posters presented during the school and keep them somewhere for future reference. Having found them, why not to list them all in one place?

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Dear friends,

I’ve decided to start this blog to spread a word about my work, interests, news and other hopefully interesting things. Stay tuned and check this blog time to time. Meanwhile you can find out about my research or hobbies.