I’m a Czech guy pursuing a PhD at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Recently, I visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Microsoft Research in Redmond, USA. I’m striving to become a data scientist and I’m enjoying this journey. I specialize in information retrieval, visualization and interaction. Lately, I’ve been focused on proactive retrieval and profiling of information for digital personal assistants such as Apple Siri or MS Cortana.

Riding a bike, hiking in the mountains, traveling and taking pictures are the activities you’d typically find me doing after work. I’m also fond of beautiful and smart things, which explains my interest in design, maps, photography and my wife Kristyna (who’s obviously not a thing, but certainly is smart and beautiful).

Get in touch

Say hi at jenda@rybak.io. Or, meet me in Trondheim at NTNU (office 244, IT building, Gløshaugen) (map)