I’m a Czech guy from Pilsen pursuing a PhD at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In the past couple of years, I spent six months at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I worked at Microsoft Research in Redmond, USA as a research intern and also visited the CRUISE group at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

I believe that the biggest potential of AI is in augmenting peoples’ abilities. One possible course of action towards this goal is to develop systems that offer “just the right information at just the right moment.” My research interest revolves around Information Retrieval techniques that leverage context of a person to proactively provide relevant pieces of information. Such a task entails many interesting (and hard) challenges; I’ve been mainly focused on studying how various contextual signals (e.g., time, location, or human activity) impact the information needs, on predicting these needs, on retrieving relevant information and also (re)presenting it to the user.

Apart from work, I fancy riding a bike, hiking, traveling and taking pictures along the way. I like to help a bit, that is why I participate on the Missing Maps initiative. I’m also fond of beautiful and smart things, which explains my interest in architecture & design, maps, photography and my wife Kristyna (who’s obviously not a thing, but certainly is smart and beautiful). Oh, and I’m working on a project to augment the real world with digital information: árkhō.ai.

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Say hi at benetka@pm.me.
Or, meet me in Pilsen/Prague, Czechia.